Corfu Villa Maintenance

Property Management in Corfu

Property Management is a very demanding procedure that requires a lot of effort and expertise.

Our ability to landscape your garden areas and then provide regular maintenance to keep it in good condition means we can assure you that your property will look at its optimum for visitors and customers throughout the summer season.

In the winter our regular program for planting, cleaning and general maintenance keeps the property looking lived in and active. Whether you just want a single contract visit or regular maintenance call us for an immediate site visit and quotation.

All of our electricians are certified by the Greek authorities. As a result of this our work is carried out to the highest standard quickly, competently and within budget.

If you want small or large jobs carried out we can do this either as part of an ongoing maintenance agreement or as a single service call. Either way you will receive our diligent attention and a competitive quotation.

Our professional plumbing qualifications means we can tackle all kinds of work in the villa or outside in the pool area or pump room. We maintain a lot of properties across the Island and carry stocks of most fittings or access to a same day parts service.

This means delays in repair are kept to a minimum and our plumbing personnel can be on-site quickly and the work completed in shortest possible time.

The sunny months are great but, bleach the paintwork, the winter months are cold and damp and mold can creep in as well as dirt from open fires, stove etc., The general ‘wear and tear’ of a full season of visitors can quickly dilapidate a property.

We will come in and completely decorate your property inside and out. All of our personnel are experienced with the building and decorating materials common to the Island and pay specific attention to the problem areas of your villa. We are competitively priced and pay attention to detail which means you get a great job done – every time.

Keeping cool in the oppressive heat of August is essential so why leaving it until the last minute to check out your air conditioning unit.

We provide installation of all types of units from small room to commercial sizes. We also can repair on and off-site and our maintenance services provide clients with an assured cool breeze at the flick of a switch. So, don’t leave it until you’re hot and bothered. Give us a call today.

Do you require personal poolside maintenance, or can we automate it for you?

Our experience in the pool sector construction and installation sector means we have in-house skills and pool maintenance personnel who can carry out all levels of pool maintenance be it pump room management, repair, servicing right down to gutter and pool cleaning.

We are able to design, build and install all types of fencing panels whether for security or decoration.
Decorative panels as part of a garden display, or to provide privacy. We can also provide and install all types of palisade or wire security fencing.

The XylTECH® boards are an alternative to wood and limit deforestation: composed of a high quality homogeneous mixture of wood fibers from the wood industry and of high density polymers, they are a 100% recycled and 100% recyclable product, and are therefore entirely ecological. These boards combine the aesthetics and the warmth of exotic wood with the durability and the easy maintenance of plastic materials.

We can work with you to design stone pathways that not only fit into the environment but also look natural. Whether you choose dry stone or mortared design we will ensure the finish is professional and long lasting. Building it properly is essential so get in touch today for a FREE no obligation discussion on design and cost.

Our professional and talented artisans can craft a natural stone wall to any height or width without using any infill or mortar. These can include waterfalls, terraced gardens or other features. We have many examples that we can show you, but viewing the images on this website will show you how extensive our ranges are.

Patios are one of the most popular additions to a property in Corfu. With over 300 days of sunshine every year it ensures that our lifestyle is predominantly outdoors. A Patio is the center of home life here and we endeavor to make it a grand feature.

If you would like us to quote for a patio area in your home, or require renovation or repair of an existing patio then call us for a FREE no obligation estimate.

We are suppliers and installers of a wide range of solar panels for heating of water. These can be affixed to the roof or in a discreet place within the grounds.

We are also able to supply and fit photo-voltaic systems for provision of electricity or petrol/diesel generators as well as automatic or manual isolator switches to provide for additional power during outages.

Through Corfu Villa Maintenance partners we are able to provide specialists for water proofing and sealing of swimming pools, basements and tanks, all with 5 year warranties. We are also able to design and build green ‘eco’ roofs.

We can provide support for damaged buildings, install clean and affordable drinking water tanks and are always available for special construction jobs. We also provide continued supply of water throughout summer months on ad-hoc or regular basis.